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“Website ” is such a name which doesn’t need any introduction. In this modern digital world everyone knows what is website and why its used. But the real question arises that the website you have or you want to build is it a perfect one and fulfill the perpouse? This is the challenge. A survey report says near about 78% of website owners are not satisfied from their website. The only reason is poor development quality.

But when it comes to website designing and development for travel domain or travel business its more complex then other websites. Travel clients are such clients who are spending money for luxury. So their way of looking and way of thinking is also different. There are specific things which should be taken care while designing and developing a travel website or a website for travel business.

  • While they browse website which part will attract them. What should be the color combination of the website so that client should remain stick to the site.
  • How contents should be arranged so that it will be easier for user to get all the information that a website owner want to deliver through the website.
  • What type of images should be used in which area of the website.
  • What should be the minimum and maximum limit of content used in a particular page.
  • How enquiry form should be made so that for user its easy to fill but for website owner they get all the information about the user what they want.

So for all those needs we are providing complete website packages that will fulfill those. We have 3 different packages as per the position of your business, requirement and financial situation.

Silver Package

Silver package is specially customized by our experts keeping the environment and financial condition of a startup travel business. It is designed in such a way that in minimum budget your website will be professional and attractive.

399 $

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Gold Package

This package is designed specially for those who are already in travel business. Due to some reason either they didn’t designed their website or they have a website but its not generating revenue or business. We have the perfect solution for it.

599 $

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Diamond Package

This package is specially designed for developed travel business who really want to make their business automated. Starting from package update to account management the complete website should be automated. It will enhance business and synchronize the efforts. It will perfectly manage your clients and finance.

1499 $

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