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Diamond Package

This package is specially designed for big travel organizations where automation is more required then manual. This package contains almost all the features that a travel website or portal require. Each and every features are customized and automated keeping the requirement of both user and admin in mind. A well developed and expanding travel business definitely needs this website. It will reduce efforts, save time and can create clients and manage them.

The admin features are quiet distinct and are synchronized such a way that any one can easily operate it and manage it. Here in one platform both client and finance can be managed very easily. The features are arranged in such a way that it perfectly full fill all the requirements. Not only the admin but also it provides a very user friendly interface and navigation to users. Despite of several features website will be light and easy to access on every device

At this level of travel business the business owner has to take care of different deals at a time. It not compulsory for them to stick at a place and check written records or take details from individual executives. So keeping this as primary concern our experts has customized it such a way that all information can be accessed at one place despite of any geographical location. Its easy and convenient to access and to track records and data.

Some new features are introduced in both admin and user section keeping their needs on mind. Most of the time user faces issues in navigation in big travel websites or portals. Contents are segregated and mixed in such a way that user got confused which one to check and what to do. This will create a solid mess and user leave the website. So our experts had made it very easy for user to understand things and easy to access. This makes them feel comfortable to navigate. Once they understand everything clearly then trust will be generated. This is the stage where business created. So this package is most important for such travel business owners who have big ambitions and dreams related to their business. This will generate good business and good revenue. Below mentioned are the features.

Admin Panel
  • Create new tour, safari and hotel packages
  • Edit or delete existing tour, safari and hotel packages
  • Create new category
  • Create new sub category
  • Create new pages for website
  • Manage logo
  • Add contents and images
  • Add meta details like title, keywords, meta description etc.
  • Manage contact details
  • Manage client bookings
  • Manage Accounts
  • Create account reports
  • Create discount coupons
  • Edit and delete discount coupons
  • Check registered client details
  • Check enquiry done by clients
  • Add new contents
  • Add new images
  • Manage Newsletter
  • Check user tickets
  • Create new blogs
  • Edit or delete existing blogs
  • Approve comments given by user in blog section
  • Approve comments given by user in packages
  • Check comments from users in blog section
  • Approve comment to display on website
  • Manage social media links
  • Chat with user
User Panel
  • Create profile
  • Edit profile
  • Search packages
  • Search packages through filters
  • Enquire for specific packages
  • Can book packages
  • Can make online payment
  • Check booking details
  • Check past bookings
  • Check payment history
  • Cancel booking
  • Create tickets to solve issue
  • Apply for coupon code
  • Give comments on blogs
  • Make reviews on packages
  • Chat with admin
  • Like and share social media links
  • Can make customized packages as per their need
Main Website
  • User interactive portal
  • Completely responsive website
  • User friendly interface
  • Ajax search panel
  • User can search different tour and safari packages
  • User can filter packages depending upon price range
  • User can book packages
  • User can make online payment
  • User can comment on blog
  • User can review on packages
  • User can register
  • User can chat with admin
  • User can subscribe to newsletter
  • User can create tickets if they have any issue
  • User can receive conformation mail of booked packages
  • User can receive a confirmation of booking through sms
  • User can check past booking details
  • User can past payment history
  • User can send request in case of forgot password
  • User can make enquiry through contact us form
  • User can inquire for any packages
  • With every enquiry done by user a confirmation mail will be sent to admin
  • User can like and share social media links