Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Website Design And Development Company in Odisha – Sepeanse Technologies

Company Profile

We are from Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a fast growing software company with head office at New Delhi. We work on Java and .Net technology. We develop both Window/Desktop and Web based projects. Since from the last 1 year we are Developing softwares.we provide the best services in the industry. Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a great pleasure in submitting a proposal to the Company/Agency in response to the software project required by the client. Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will provide a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in each of the areas of software development. We have expertise in areas of .Net, Java ,MySql, Oracle, Ajax, Java -Script, Html, CSS etc.We have clear understanding of the requirement set out by the client and our own ability to provide effective Project Management to offer a complete solution which will meet customer's requirements, and will provide means of achieving major cost savings. We will integrate proven technologies to the client. The design will be based on modular approach of both the sides. The proposed solution by Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. uses a combination of tried and tested sub-systems. Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is therefore confident that the proposed approaches will provide reliable and efficient system, which will significant improve on a timescale and to within a budget that can be agreed and achieved.

Work Package Description

Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will manage the project using the best practice Project Management techniques to ensure that the work can be carried to cost and schedule. As part of this exercise, the project has been broken down into a number of distinct work packages, which will enable progress to be monitored effectively. The work breakdown structure will also be used as the basis for defining milestones against which payments for progress during the project would be made.

Quality Management

Sepeanse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. operates Quality Assurance Systems based on the requirements of the client. We use best quality management /Quality assurance process in order to maintain best quality of products/software we deliver.