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Reasons why travel agents and travel companies are struggling?

Are you a travel agent or a holding a travel business and struggling to get business? This will be very helpful for you.

Being a travel agent or a travel business owner your first aim is to expand your presence and contact target audience for fruitful results. But most of you are struggling. We found a common thing which effects your business. And that thing is a Website.

Most travel agents and travel companies think, only having a travel website can solve everything. But its not true. NO doubt website is key to success for every business in this digital world. But is your website productive enough? Is it designed and developed as per the guidelines suggested by google and other major search engines? Is it optimized? Is it SEO friendly? Is the coding patter is of perfect standard? Lots of things put impact on your website.

Now days most travel agents and tour companies hire freelancers and beginners to design their website just to reduce the cost. But they never ask them the above questions. And as they are working on low busget so they can't even provide those services. Resulting it into a product which is goos for nothing.

Do you know why good companies quote you genuine price for website designing? Because website designing is not a small job. A website is the mirror of your business. Its needs perfect technical skills and experts to design it and develope it. There are specific experts who are specialised for specific modules of a website. When all the efforts combined together, then a productive website is prepared to rule the internet.

But unfortunately most of the travel agents and tour operators are not aware of those things. Its not their fault because those are all technical things. Only a professional can have those technical ideas. This is the reason why your website is facing issues to reach target audience.

Now most of you can say that SEO and Digital Marketing is the alternate solution to it. But the fact is unless and until your website have the technical components it won't be optimized and google won't crawl it.

If you are facing the same problem consult good companies, experts, professional designers and resolve the issues in your website first. Make it professional, make it good. A good and productive website can give you lots of business.

Invest money in right way so that you can get more benefit out of it.

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Posted By : Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo

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26 Feb, 2018